Mendes Mundi by Darren Bader, now on the Acute Art app!

From today, Darren Bader’s ongoing AR project, Mendes Mundi, is now available on the Acute Art app.

In the artist’s words “It’s origins are particular, but just as easily forgotten.” M. Mundi brings together bestiary, flea market capitalism, senseless census, and umpteenth generation Surrealism. “It’s also a Mark di Suvero study,” says Bader.

The AR “denizens” of Mendes Mundi further the artist’s long-term interest in exploring objecthood(s) through absurdist, semi-encyclopedic, and contemporary consumerist lenses.

Viewers are now able to place and interact with these AR works via the free Acute Art app.

Every few months, new “denizens” will be made available for rent, purchase, or free-for-all.