Launching The Four Temperaments AR by Marco Brambilla

Coinciding with Berlin Art Week, Acute Art and Marco Brambilla are delighted to launch The Four Temperaments AR: a brand new AR work featuring, Cate Blanchett.

In The Four Temperaments AR, Cate Blanchett performs four sets of distinct character types divided according to a personality classification first defined by the Greek philosopher, Galen. He named the four “Temperaments” Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic.

In the work, the characters performed by Blanchett each appear within a single floating crystal ball. The character fixes her gaze and addresses the viewer with the words “I Love you”. As further characters are introduced, the emotional charge of the statement shifts across the spectrum of the four temperamental types.

The Temperaments confronts with familiar emotions shifting between intimacy and distance, gentleness and brutality; the overall effect assigns a crescendo of disquiet on the viewer voyeur who inadvertently becomes the subject in the cross-fire of emotions, the repetition of which make them at once engaging and generic.

With the help of augmented reality, Marco Brambilla’s exploration of the four temperaments can now reach viewers anywhere. The new form of viewer participation that this medium makes possible turns the spectators into active co-producers. They can now place Blanchett’s characters in surprising places. Viewed through the Acute Art app, the works interact seamlessly with the world that surrounds them and reach audiences far beyond the gallery space where we expect contemporary art.

In association with this new AR work, Marco Brambilla is also presenting The Four Temperaments (Cate) at Michael Fuchs Gallery in Berlin, as part of Berlin Art Week.

To view The Four Temperaments AR, download the app now.