Jeff Koons
Talking VR and Phryne


Pronounced ‘Fry-nee,’ Jeff Koons’ new work is named after one of the most beautiful woman of the ancient world, and is created in the spirit of the pastoral arts. Exploring themes of transcendence and self-affirmation in the virtual space, viewers are invited to meet Phryne in an idealised garden. Presented as a metallic ballerina, she interacts with you as she guides you through this peaceful world. Conceived as a muse who informs and removes anxiety, by observing her, getting up close and even seeing inside her, she conveys grace, harmony, and the universal pastoral.

In the artist’s own words:

"One of the things I noticed with VR is a tremendous sense of center - knowing that I am within a space and understanding the parameters around me. I have also noticed that one’s affirmation of existence is always missing. You look down at your feet and there’s nothing there - so there’s a lot to be said about defining your own presence. I used Phryne’s metallic surface to bring the affirmation of self into VR. You can see your reflection within her. She affirms that your presence is real, that you exist. She’s a teacher. Stimulating different sense perceptions within virtual reality is a new territory - and to use VR as a tool to connect to the universal is a wonderful thing."

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