Christo & Jeanne-Claude
A view of The London Mastaba available on the Acute Art app


The Mastaba (Project for London, Hyde Park, Serpentine Lake) can be experienced in Virtual Reality through Steam and HTC Viveport for free with a VR headset. From 10th July a mobile version will be launched allowing everyone with a smartphone to experience VR and 360° video through the Acute Art app, which will be available for free download on Apple and Android. Visitors to the Serpentine Galleries will also be able to experience it by accessing the gallery’s mobile tour.

VR headset and App users will reach an elevation of 35 metres to look down upon The London Mastaba from a bird’s eye view as well as see the temporary sculpture virtually at different times of day, experiencing the work from sunrise to sunset. Exploring 40,000 square foot of London’s Hyde Park they can walk across the water to experience it up close or even climb on top of it in virtual space. Complementing the physical sculpture, installed in London’s Serpentine Lake, the VR and 360° video offer provides an interactive dimension to The London Mastaba whether accessed on-site in Hyde Park or from anywhere in the world.

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