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The Looking Glass

Wednesday, 5 May 2021 – Sunday, 9 May 2021


The Looking Glass: an exhibition of augmented reality (AR) artworks, curated by Acute Art’s artistic director Daniel Birnbaum and The Shed’s chief curator Emma Enderby, is a large exhibition of augmented reality works presented in The Shed and the public area surrounding the building. The first chapter of this expanding exhibition, which opens on May 5 in collaboration with Frieze New York, premieres works by artists Precious Okoyomon, Cao Fei and KAWS.

The works in this show are no doubt real, but not in the sense of tangible objects. Invisible to the naked eye, they come to life in your phone when you arrive at the right spot. Once caught on camera they appear as real as the environment around them. Precious Okoyomon presents, Ultra Light Beams of Love, two large animated flowers that read poetry. Cao Fei’s RMB City AR is a futuristic urban fantasy. KAWS’ HOLIDAY SPACE reflective surface responds to the environment around it.

Acute Art, The Shed and High Line will expand the exhibition with additional works on July 2.

The artworks in The Looking Glass are all visible through the free Acute Art app. Share your images and videos by tagging #acuteart

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The Looking Glass at Frieze NY

Watch Loring Randolph, Director of Frieze NY, Daniel Birnbaum, Artistic Director of Acute Art and Emma Enderby, Chief Curator at The Shed discuss the AR exhibition The Looking Glass.


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