Julie Curtiss

Lune (2021) | Augmented Reality

Julie Curtiss examines intimacy and privacy in public in her work Lune, 2021. The artist is known for making her paintings appear like sculptural works; however, Lune, 2021 is the first time she has brought one of them to life using AR. Here she depicts a nude woman with her back turned. To the frustration of the viewer, she constantly avails our gaze, actively challenging the spectator.


The artist introduces her first AR artwork Lune as part of The Looking Glass show at The Shed in New York.

About Julie Curtiss

Julie Curtiss (b. 1982) is a French artist based in Brooklyn, NY, working in painting, drawing, sculpture, and prints. She received her BA and MFA from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, France. She has had solo exhibitions at White Cube (London), Anton Kern Gallery (New York) and Various Small Fires (Los Angeles), as well as participated in group exhibitions at the Mass (Tokyo), the Nassau County Museum (New York), Clearing (New York), among others. Her work is in the collection of a number of museums including the MCA Chicago, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Walker Art Center, LACMA, and the Bronx Museum. She was a recipient of the Sharpe Walentas Residency program in 2019 and she and her work have been reviewed and featured in FT How to spend it, Vogue Magazine, Artnet, Artsy, The Times London, W Magazine, and the LA Times, to mention a few. Julie is represented by Anton Kern Gallery and White Cube.


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