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David Shrigley

Worm (2021) | Augmented Reality


Commissioned by Maison Ruinart, the world’s oldest champagne house, British artist David Shrigley presents the champagne legacy with an offbeat and unrelenting sense of humour. His mischievous art sheds a new light on the vineyard, its heritage and craftsmanship. Shrigley’s sharp eye studies the curious and well-kept secrets of champagne making. Shrigley’s artworks act as a bubbly eye-opener to the environmental concerns that inspire the first Champagne house.

“Worms are important. They help create the soil that is vital for all life. We take the soil for granted and we take worms for granted but we should remember how vital they are. In terms of saving the planet you could say quite unequivocally that worms work harder than us…” David Shrigley




About David Shrigley

David Shrigley is a British artist whose rudimentary but unmistakable line is used to observe his surroundings with incomparable irony, often accompanied by an absurd and irreverent sentence to challenge us and get our attention. Humour—be it naive or noir—is his instrument of choice and wielded with great precision.

While drawing is at the center of his practice, the artist also works across an extensive range of media including sculpture, large-scale installation, animation, painting, photography and music.


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