Launch of VR programme at Julia Stoschek Collection

Acute Art announces a collaboration with Julia Stoschek Collection to present a Virtual Reality exhibition programme, premiering with a new VR work by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard and AR works by Koo Jeong A in October 2019.

The Julia Stoschek Collection, which is based in Berlin and Düsseldorf, will provide a space in Berlin to show new and existing VR and AR works, produced by Acute Art, by artists Mark Leckey, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Marco Brambilla, and R. H. Quaytman, among others.

Daniel Birnbaum, Director of Acute Art: “For Acute Art, this collaboration represents a fantastic opportunity to explore these new artistic forms and make them available to the public. I cannot think of a better partner than the Julia Stoschek Collection, one of the most adventurous exhibition sites for new experimental art. Acute Art works with today’s most compelling artists, bringing together technology and artistic vision. Currently working across virtual and augmented realities, it produces original digital artworks. I am so happy that we will undertake this journey into the future with Julia Stoschek and her team as fellow travellers.”

Julia Stoschek, Founder, Julia Stoschek Collection: “One of our main goals is to build long-term, sustainable relationships and collaborations with other institutions and partners. Acute Art is a new and leading laboratory for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in the field of art.

Starting this Autumn with a programme of projects, which have been produced by Acute Art with the artists, we will make this laboratory physically accessible at JSC Berlin, manifesting and creating a new way of experiencing this contemporary and progressive medium. We believe in VR and the experiences it enables. We are therefore excited to be at the forefront of its further development, ready to push the boundaries of the medium through art.”

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