Alicja Kwade at MIT List Visual Arts Center

Acute Art debuts a new augmented reality artwork by artist Alicja Kwade this week as part of Alicja Kwade: In Between Glances at the List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

LinienLand (2019), a temporary architectural intervention in Augmented Reality (AR), is situated in multiple locations around MIT: McDermott Court, the Upper Courtyard, and Lobby 7. This immersive work consists of a gridded architecture approximately 36 feet in height, on which massive spheres hover like planets frozen in orbit. Kwade considers the structure as a multiverse in which each quadrant represents a parallel world. While LinienLand is formally related to Kwade’s real-life sculptural installations such as ParaPivot (2019), the sense of wonderment engendered by the physical works is displaced onto the literal illusionism afforded by AR technology. Viewed through the Acute Art app, the work appears to be a massive structure, but is in fact pure information rendered through complex sets of digital data.

To view LinienLand:

Download the Acute Art app to your smartphone or mobile device (available on iOS and Android). Select Alicja Kwade, LinienLand and ‘Play’, tap the floor in the camera (where the white square appears) and explore the AR sculpture in various locations at MIT through the viewfinder.